Get access to van, flatbed, step deck, Conestoga, expedited, heavy haul, and over dimensional capacity solutions, regardless of market or seasonal conditions. Smart local, regional and long haul transportation solutions to move your freight. Full Truckload or one pallet get it delivered with Trans-Logistics.

Heavy Haul, Oversize, Overweight and Super loads

Knowing how to plan legal transport considerations, State permits and the technical challenges of transporting a heavy haul or over dimensional shipment is essential to having a successful oversize load shipment.

Trans-Logistics will manage the transportation of your heavy, over dimension or super load freight shipment from pre-trip planning to project delivery, procuring special State permits for each state, pilot escort cars, police escorts and any additional equipment required to move your heavy haul load safely and successfully.

Trans-Logistics will arrange the logistics for even the most challenging shipments your company may need to be delivered in a safe, timely and cost-competitive manner.

We Make Light Work of Heavy Haul Transport

Heavy Equipment Services

Trailer Types Available:
Double Drops and Double Drop Stretch
Flatbed Extendable Trailers
Step Deck Extendable Trailers
Removable Goosenecks (RGN)

Multi Axle Trailers:
5 Axle Trailer
6 Axle Trailer
7 Axle Trailer
8 Axle Trailer
9 Axle Trailer
10 Axle Trailer
11 Axle Trailer
12 Axle Trailer
13 Axle Trailer
Outer Perimeter Trailer

You make it and we have probably moved it:

  • Air Exchangers
  • Boats
  • Boilers
  • Bridge Beams
  • Cell Tower and electrical polls
  • Compressors
  • Construction Machinery
  • Cooling Towers
  • Chiller Skids
  • Heat Exchangers
  • HVAC Air Handling Units
  • Data Center Plant Equipment
  • Cranes: truck, crawler lift, pedestal, tower, ring horse
  • Excavators
  • Generators and Power/Electrical Skids
  • Skid Enclosures
  • Mining Equipment
  • Planes
  • Helicopters
  • Oil Rig and Piping
  • Project Cargo
  • Steel Drums
  • Stacks
  • Terex, Manitowoc, Mt Clemens cranes
  • Transformers
  • Turbines
  • Wind Energy Equipment
  • Genplant Equipment Skids
  • Propeller Z drives
  • Ship Propellers

Flatbed Shipping

Trans-Logistics offers specialized flatbed shipping for industrial cargo throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We provide dependable, safe flatbed shipping for standard cargo sizes, as well as oversize, over-dimensional, and heavy cargo.

Flatbed trailers are utilized for freight that is not easily transported in an enclosed Van trailer. Due to dimensions. Flatbeds allow for forklift or crane loading and unloading from the top, back, and sides. Flatbed trailers in 48’ or 53’ lengths are easily accessed for unloading when loading docks are absent or for construction delivery sites.

Common Applications for Flatbed Trailers

  • Construction Materials
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Pipe and Poles
  • Roofing materials
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Generators and Pumps
  • Crated Machinery


Trans-Logistics provides step deck trailers for oversize and over-height cargo shipping and freight services. The utilization of step deck (drop deck) trailers allows for cargo up to 10’ high to ship without having to order over height permits. We transport shipments throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, working with our extensive network of experienced, professional carriers that specialize in over-dimensional and oversize transport. Step Decks can also be used to transport vehicles and drivable construction equipment. Step Deck trailers come in 48’ and 53’ configurations. This type of equipment can also be requested with ramps or load levelers to increase loading options for shippers.

Common Applications for Step Deck /Drop Deck Trailers Transportation

  • Oil/Drilling Rigs
  • Oil, gas, and petrochemical equipment
  • High-pressure vessels and storage tanks
  • Building materials and construction site supplies
  • Compressor skids
  • Forging machines

Conestoga: Flatbed Or Step Deck Configurations

Conestoga Flatbed trailers and Conestoga Step Deck Trailers, aka Curtain side Van, offer the functionality of a van with the loading versatility of a  Flatbed or Step Deck trailer (Loading via top, side, or rear). But what makes this trailer unique is its use of a rolling tarp-on-frame system. It is made for protecting oversized and specialized loads, keeping them safe from the elements without compromising delicate machinery, paint, finishes or other features of your cargo that might be damaged if a tarp is thrown merely over the load. In addition, the Retractable tarping cover removes the need for manual tarping and offers the same protection from the weather elements. Curtain Vans provide the combined advantages of flatbed style side loading and unloading AND the security, efficiency, and convenience of a dry van trailer.

Typical Applications for Conestoga Step Deck /Drop Deck Trailers

  • CNC Machinery
  • Delicate Machinery
  • Painted Cargo
  • Fine Finish Cargo
  • Crated Equipment or Machine Parts
  • Delicate Specialty Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Food Grade Equipment

Protect your cargo and your bottom line.

GOTLMS offers Cargo Shield as a per-load “Shipper’s Interest” insurance solution for both full truckload freight and LTL freight (less-than-truckload)*.  GOTLMS offers Cargo Shield ( a Third Party Insurance not a Trans-Logistics policy or product) which covers occurrences that most other policies do not, such as “Acts of God”, theft, unattended vehicle, as well as offering some of the broadest coverage terms in the industry.
The Cargo Shield policy offering standardizes shipper interest cargo coverage and puts claims control back in your hands of the shipper or owner of the cargo. Get hassle-free coverage with most claims processed in 30 days or less. *Must be requested at time of shipment

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